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MPAA Digital Media Destruction

The Motion Pictures Agency Standards

MPAA Compliant Data Destruction for Media & Entertainment

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is requiring all third-party vendors comply proper digital media data destruction practices.

In the media and entertainment industry, data security is becoming even more of a major focus with each passing year, especially as major film studios continue to partner with third-party creative services vendors.  Beyond the Non-Disclosure Agreements you’re used to signing when contracting with a client, most studios are now auditing their third-party vendors for compliance to increasingly strict content security guidelines, including those set by the MPAA.

A key element of an effective digital security strategy is the plan for how you dispose of information when it’s no longer needed.  At E-Waste Security, we specialize in certified digital content disposal and MPAA compliant data destruction – services that are designed to protect your studio and help you win the major contracts you deserve.

As the most common standard (but certainly not the only one), the MPAA Content Security Best Practices helps the media and entertainment industry achieve a baseline for data security.  Among other things, these guidelines detail the proper procedures for MPAA compliant data destruction.  This is where we step in.

E-Waste Security offers certified hard drive destruction services, secure e-waste recycling, and IT asset disposition services for your colocation and data center decommissioning projects.

Four Steps to MPAA Compliant Data Destruction

Step 1: Secure Storage for Drives Prior to Destruction

We offer secure storage options for the hard drives that are awaiting destruction, so you can be sure the studio’s intellectual property is protected while you complete the project.  Storing old IT equipment and hard drives in an unlocked office or cubicle lends to employee theft and data breach risks.  Our storage options, on the other hand, comply with data security best practices.

Step 2: On-Site MPAA Compliant Data Destruction

We provide the most secure options for hard drive data destruction, so you can show your clients that you have an MPAA compliant data destruction plan in place to protect their property.  Remember – on-site data destruction is mandatory.  Think of it as chain-of-custody: drives that haven’t been erased, degaussed, or shredded need to remain in your possession.  Proof of destruction is required to release you from liability.

Step 3: Detailed Certificate of Destruction

We protect our clients from liability in three ways: completing the hard drive shredding on-site, maintaining our NAID certification, and providing a detailed Certificate of Destruction.

Step 4: Safe IT Asset Disposition Services

We handle your IT asset disposition projects when you’re upgrading your tech, including de-installation, inventory, hard drive erasing or shredding, and packing for recycling or purchase.  We are your one-stop solution, so you don’t need to waste time coordinating with multiple vendors.

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