NAID Certified Hard Drive Destruction

Our NAID Certification assures our clients’ compliance with data privacy and destruction regulations.

NAID Certified Hard Drive Destruction

Our on-site digital media and data destruction services are certified by two renowned industry leaders in data destruction: the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and i-Sigma. These organizations act as independent auditors—regulating data destruction companies like ours to ensure our processes, machinery, and even our employees meet stringent background checks.

Our on-site destruction services allow you to witness our processes. We’ll then provide you with our Certificate of Destruction—certifying that all data and sensitive information were destroyed in accordance with NAID’s guidelines. Lastly, we’ll remove the equipment from your location for shipping and recycling.

Safe and Reliable Professionals

You can rely on our technicians for a secure experience. Our NAID certification mandates that our technicians undergo comprehensive background checks. Each E-Waste Security technician is screened for employment history, criminal records, substance abuse, and driving records. Furthermore, NAID requires all technicians to undergo extensive security training.

By-the-Book Policies and Procedures

E-Waste Security’s policies and procedures are designed to conform with NAID standards such as access restrictions, digital media tracking, equipment tracking, breach notifications, and response plans. Additionally, our processes have been reviewed and thoroughly audited by a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) from the American Society of Industrial Security.

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State-of-the-Art Equipment & Machinery

Our cutting-edge equipment, including max-efficiency shredders and destruction machinery, undergo rigorous and frequent quality assurance to exceed NAID’s stringent standards. Unlike other data destruction companies, our NSA-listed equipment completes data destruction quickly (up to 1,300 hard drives/hour)—minimizing any potential downtime for your business.

Qualifications for NAID Certification


Employee Background Checks

Technicians are screened for employment history, criminal records, substance abuse and driving records.  All employees must pass ongoing security training designed by by iSigma.


Policies and Procedures

The Company’s data destruction Policies and Procedures were designed in accordane  with NAID’s stringent security requirements.  Some highlights include access restrictions, digital media tracking, equipment tracking,  breach notifications, response plans.

Policies and procedures are reviewed and audited by personnel holding the CPP creditials from the American Society of Industrial Security.

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Digital Media Destruction Equipment

All destruction equipment is tested and audited to confirm performance with quality control standards.  Our hard drive destruction equipment surpasses those set out by NAID.

hard Drive destruction projects for the City of Los Angeles
Hard drive destruction projects NASA in Pasadena
Hard drive destruction project for the Office of the Inspector General Health and Human Services
US Bankruptcy Court
City Of Tustin

Will you ever need to justify your choice of hard drive shredding companies? Maybe not, but choosing a vendor certified in data destruction should give you peace of mind if the question ever comes up. 

E-Waste Security is NAID Certified for the destruction of computer hard drives, backup tapes, thumb drives and optical media.  Benefits of hiring NAID Certified company for your data destruction projects are 1) third party proof of destruction, 2) Certificate of Destruction and 3) commercial-grade shreddingequipment.

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