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E-Waste Security Services

Data Destruction, IT Asset Disposal and Computer Recycling.

Hard Drive

Hard Drive Destruction

Secure, NAID Certified, and NIST 800-88 compliant data destruction.

Computer Recycling

Remove and recycle out-of-date and unused laptops, desktops and servers.


Data Center Clean-Out

Un-rack and remove server equipment from your cage or in-house data center.

IT Asset

Office Moves

Remove computer equipment from offices and cubicles for office downsizing projects.

uniform destruction service

Product Destruction

We destroy credit cards, uniforms, access cards, Pin Pads & merchandise.

Our Services and Offerings

Whether you’re looking for secure IT asset disposal, hard drive destruction, or assistance complying with data privacy laws, we’re here to help! Sensitive and confidential information can be harvested from – retired computer equipment if not disposed of or destroyed correctly. Explore our headache-free, end-to-end services for proper, secure destruction and recycling.

Hard Drive Destruction

We take data destruction seriously. Dragging and dropping sensitive information into the trash bin isn’t a quick solution. Hard drives and servers must be physically destroyed to ensure accurate removal or “deletion”—that’s where we come in! Rest assured, our data destruction processes are NAID, NIST 800-88, and HIPAA compliant.

Best of all, we take the stress out of it—we’ll come to you! We’ll destroy your digital media assets before they leave your sight. Our mobile shredding truck does all the heavy lifting. Are you curious about our step-by-step process? Check it out here.

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A person holding a piece of a hard drive in front of a pile of scrap metal.

Computer Recycling

If you didn’t already know, tossing e-waste (like old laptops, desktops, monitors, TVs, printers, fax machines, and other electronic devices) into the typical trash bin is illegal in California (and many other states). Electronics require specific breakdown and recycling processes that don’t happen in regular landfills. While it’s not environmentally responsible, it also makes your data susceptible to leaks as it has not been properly destroyed. Give us a call—the experts in technology recycling and e-waste destruction! Our team will take the necessary steps to wipe your devices and properly recycle the hardware. Learn More. Recommended for:


  • Office closures & relocations
  • Cloud transitions
  • Laptop/desktop refresh
  • Data center closure refresh
  • Storage space removal
A room full of computer equipment and boxes.

IT Asset Disposal

Are you retiring your old enterprise IT systems? Our IT Asset Disposal service includes end-to-end decommissioning, meaning we’ll come to your location, destroy the data while it’s still in your custody, and then remove the physical equipment for shipment and recycling (which we also handle)! This makes moving out of your data center, colocation, storage space, or office easy—physically and digitally.

Privacy Compliance

Meeting stringent privacy protocols is imperative when destroying and disposing of sensitive data or information. HIPAA, GLBA, NIST, and the Department of Defense have their requirements for secure data disposal—and we’re proud to say our processes are fully compliant! We’ll provide a verifiable chain of custody and Certificate of Destruction for your records.

A stack of servers on a pallet in a warehouse.

Our Locations

Wherever you may be in the CA area, we’ve strategically placed locations to best suit our clients’ needs in Los Angeles, CA, Orange County, CA, San Diego, CA, and San Jose, CA.

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