Computer Recycling

E-Waste Security offers computer recycling and IT Asset Disposal as part of its hard drive destruction services.  We provide end-to-end services including the removal of equipment from your offices and transporting to the recycling facility. 

Combining your computer recycling and hard drive destruction projects with one vendor has proven to be the most efficient and least expensive option when it comes to an IT refresh project.  E-Waste Security is able to bring in a big enough team to remove your old computer equipment while securely shredding your hard drives.

Electronic Recycling Facts:  In 2016, the United States generated 42 pounds of electronic waste per person.  The recycling rate was only 39.8%.  We believe a large portion of that e-waste is gathering dust on offices because businesses don’t know what to do with it.  We are here to help increase the overall recycling rate.

ITAD Servers ISO 27001
IT Asset Disposition at data center
Computer Recycling Storage Room
Computers for Recycling

IT Asset Disposal

We know that not every server, computer and switch has reached its end-of-life and ready for recycling. In many situations, we are able to purchase your IT assets and help your organization recoup some capital expenditures. If this is the case, E-Waste Security can help save your IT asset budget and offset the expense of the IT asset disposal and hard drive destruction services.

IT Asset Disposal Process
IT Asset Buy Back Flowchart