IT Asset Disposition

data center decommissioning

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), or IT Asset disposal, is the process of removing and recycling decommissioned or retired computer equipment.  IT assets to be decommissioned can come from an in-house data center, colocation or office setting. 

We help organizations manage and execute their ITAD process by decommissioning, un-racking, and disposing of computer equipment. Our ITAD programs ensures organizations use their time most efficiently, getting the new IT equipment up-and-running as soon as possible.

Most organizations have have data center technicians and IT Managers.  However, their time is limited and expensive.  Organizations would rather use the internal employees to setup the new equipment.  Our ITAD service reduces decommissioning costs and time so IT Managers spend their time more productively.

Equipment: Enterprise servers, storage and networking equipment.  Office desktops, laptops, monitors and printers in . 

Locations: In-house data centers, colocations and offices.

We will remove servers, routers and switches from your cage and inventory equipment using your asset tag.  Once removed, we will palletize and load onto our truck for shipment.

Depending on your data destruction requirements, we can degauss and shred drives up the the most stringent National Security Agency NSA requirement.  A Certificate of Data Destruction will be issued for your records.

IT Asset Disposal Process
ITAD Servers ISO 27001
IT Asset Disposition at data center
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