IT Asset Disposition and Disposal for Data Centers

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IT Asset Disposal Services

We offer secure and efficient IT Asset Disposal services to help clients with data center and office closure projects.  Our customizable data center decommissioning services are safe, secure, and efficient.  Our comprehensive data erasure, uninstallation, removal, and secure shipment process can scale to any IT Asset Disposal and project.


Certified Data Destruction

The most important aspect of any IT Asset Disposal project.  Data sanitization is completed in hours, not days or weeks.  We are certified by NAID / iSigma with NSA Listed machines destroying over 1,200 drives per hour.


Secure Chain of Custody

Hard drives, SSDs and flash drives are destroyed at the data center.  All information is destroyed before leaving your custody. 


Certificate of Destruction and Recycling

Reporting is a critical component for compliance with NIST 800-88.  We will document serial number, make, model, type and source equipment.


Un-Racking, Packing and Shipping

End-to-end  data center decommissioning services.  Un-racking, packing and shipping data center equipment for removal and recycling.  We make it easy for your company vacate expensive data centers, either on-premisis or colocation. 

IT Asset Decommissioning

ITAD stands for “Information Technology Asset Disposal.”  It refers to the process of disposing of or recycling old or obsolete information technology assets, such as computers, servers, networking equipment and other electronic devices.  

We can properly dispose of these IT assets in a way that is environmentally responsible and compliant with relevant regulations.  This can involve decommissioning the assets, shredding hard drives and either recycling.  ITAD is an important aspect of data security, as it helps to ensure that sensitive data is not left behind on old or discarded devices.

E-Waste Security can help manage and execute your ITAD process by decommissioning, un-racking, and disposing of computer equipment. Our ITAD programs ensures organizations use their time most efficiently, getting the new IT equipment up-and-running as soon as possible.  Most importantly, as a NAID Certified data destruction company, we offer on-site hard drive shredding so you can witness and verify the process.

Most organizations have data center technicians and IT Managers.  However, their time is limited and expensive.  Organizations would rather use the internal employees to setup the new equipment.  Our ITAD service reduces decommissioning costs and time so IT Managers spend their time more productively.

We will remove servers, routers and switches from your cage and inventory equipment using your asset tag.  Once removed, we will palletize and load onto our truck for shipment.


on premises data center clean out

On-Prem Data Center

Companies are migrating to the cloud.  We are able to decommission your on-prem data center and recycle the IT Assets while you deal with more important issues.

If you have already shut-down the legacy equipment and it’s no longer in use, the equipment has become a liability.  An audit will discover the equipment is still in your system and the auditor will need to go through the same time-consuming processes as if the equipment was still in use.

Storage room full of IT assets for disposal

Office Storage Unit

Use our ITAD Recycing services to clean-out your office storage units.  Most of the times, this equipment is stored for many years never to be used again.

This particular computer storage unit was noticed during a SOC audit.  The chain-of-custody came into question due to the hard drives.

Once we removed and recycled the old IT equipment, the client was able to terminate the lease and save over $1,000 per month on rent.

IT Asset Disposition Service