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Hard Drive Destruction Service – Computer Recycling

E-Waste Security is a digital media and hard drive destruction company based in Los Angeles, CA. Our onsite data destruction and hard drive shredding service is NAID Certified and compliant with PCI DSS, HIPAA and GLBA. We are also an ITAD provider and recycler to provide our clients with the most convenient solution to their decommissioning projects. We service Orange County, Los Angeles and Santa Clara County, CA.  FREE QUOTE

Hard Drive Destruction

Onsite and NAID AAA Certified, our hard drive shredding is secure, compliant and verifiable.  Physically shredding drives is the most secure form of data destruction according to NIST 800-88.

Electronic Recycling

We provide computer recycling services which include the removal of computer  equipment from your offices or data center and transportation to the recycling facility. 

IT Asset Disposition

Our ITAD services are an excellent means of capturing incremental revenue from assets no longer employed.  It’s simple, you give us a list of equipment and we make an offer.

Destruction Certificate

We provide a Certificate of Destruction listing when, where and how drives were destroyed. Our Certificate also includes a report of serial numbers for each drive to further your compliance.

Proven, Secure and Compliant

We are proud to have provided NIST 800-88 data destruction services to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA.

Why Choose E-Waste Security?

We help you comply with data privacy laws

Complying with data privacy laws and reducing liability associated with a data breach is a function of chain-of-custody and proof.  Our onsite hard drive destruction allows for an unbroken chain-of-custody complete with witnessed and verifiable proof of secure data destruction.

Onsite Shredding to Witness