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Hard Drive Destruction & Electronic Recycling

Secure, Compliant & Certified Data Destruction

Hard Drive

Hard Drive Shredding

Onsite hard drive destruction so you can witness and verify.  Our data destruction service is NAID Certified to protect the Chain of Custody.

Computer Recycling

Pickup service for your convenience and compliance.  Our recycling service can clear-out an office, building or entire data center.

Compliance & Reporting

Detailed documentation to pass audits and comply with data privacy laws.  Certificate of Destruction for HIPAA, HITECH,  and NIST.

Compliant Hard Drive Destruction and Electronic Recycling

E-Waste Security specializes in data destruction and computer recycling services.

Data privacy laws demand that your organization protect customer, employee, and patient confidential information.  This information is most at risk during the computer recycling and IT Asset Disposition process.  We’ve been helping our clients navigate this process for over a decade.

Don’t let your guard down while recycling old computer equipment.  Non-compliant companies will face fines and penalties.  Companies with a data breach will also see litigation and notification costs.

Our NAID Certified data destruction helps you comply with NIST, DoD, HIPAA, HITECH, and GLBA.

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hard Drive destruction projects for the City of Los Angeles
Hard drive destruction projects NASA in Pasadena
Hard drive destruction project for the Office of the Inspector General Health and Human Services
City of Irvine

Regulatory Compliance


Data Destruction Best Practices

Securely destroying confidential information is the most critical issue when planning your IT decommissioning process.  Therefore, we have designed our HDD drive destruction & shredding solutions to comply with best practices detailed by NAID, NIST 800-88, and SOC auditors.

Hard Drive Shredding

Hard Drive Destruction

NIST 800-88 guidelines require that hard drives be destroyed if they leave your custody with information critical to your organization.  We have processes and machines capable of destroying over 1,300 hard drives per hour.

On-Site Data Destruction

We come to your office or data center so you can witness and verify the data destruction process.  The chain of custody is never broken.

E-Waste Security truck at office building in Los Angeles
Hard Drive Shredding

NAID Certified Data Destruction

Your SOC auditor must know that you have entrusted confidential information to a professional.  Working with a NAID Certified hard drive destruction and shredding vendor is your third-party due diligence for data destruction vendors.

Compliant Data Destruction
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