Secure ITAD services for compliance and brand protection
Hard Drive Destruction
Secure, NAID Certified and NIST 800-88 compliant data destruction.
Computer Recycling
Removal of unwanted to out-of-date laptops, desktops, servers and networking gear.
Data Center Decomm
Un-rack and remove from your cage or in-house data center operations.
Office Moves
Remove computer equipment from offices for downsizing projects

IT Asset Disposition Service

E-Waste Security provides IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services to clients in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and San Diego, CA.  Our ITAD services consists of secure data destruction, data center decommissioning and computer recycling services.  

We specialize in on-site hard drive and data destruction so our clients can witness  and verify that data has been securely destroyed.  Our processes and certifications help clients comply with regulatory guidelines and compliance with NIST 800-88 NSA/CSS | HIPAA and PCI/DSS..\

Our secure and documented IT asset disposal service provides our clients with the most convenient solution to their decommissioning projects. We service data centers, government, corporate and healthcare organizations in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Clara County, CA.

hard Drive destruction projects for the City of Los Angeles

Cities & Counties


Hard drive destruction projects NASA in Pasadena


Hard drive destruction project for the Office of the Inspector General Health and Human Services



Complying with data privacy laws and reducing liability associated with a data breach is a function of chain-of-custody and proof.  Our onsite hard drive destruction allows for an unbroken chain-of-custody complete with witnessed and verifiable proof of secure data destruction.

E-Waste Security is strategically located to service data centers and clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, CA, San Jose, CA with service in San Diego, CA.