About E-Waste Security

Hard Drive Destruction & IT Asset Disposal

E-Waste Security is an information security company specializing and digital media and data destruction and IT Asset Disposal.  Our main focus is ensuring that sensitive and personal information is securely and permanently destroyed through physical destruction of media. We work with businesses, organizations, and governmental agencis to ensure that their data is protected and secure from unauthorized access or misuse.

Our team of experts is trained in the latest data destruction and information security techniques and technologies, ensuring that our clients can trust that their data is being handled with the highest level of care and professionalism.

E-Waste Security is headquartered in Irvine, California with locations in Los Angeles, San Jose, Santa Clara, San Diego and Orange County.

Our Clients

Most of our clients are in the healthcare, technology and the governmental sector.  These organizations control sensitive information that  can only be accessed by authorized personnel.  Any unauthorized access would be considered a data breach that must be reported and investigated.

NSA Top Secret hard drive
hard Drive destruction projects for the City of Los Angeles
Hard drive destruction projects NASA in Pasadena
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department of Health and Human Services
City Of Tustin

Why Clients Choose to Work with E-Waste Security

Qualifications – Processes – Certifications.

We are Certified by NAID, i-Sigma for the physical destruction of digital media, such as computer hard drives, backup tapes and employee access cards.  This is considered acceptable vendor due dilegence for most data privacy laws and data destruction guidelines.

We specialize in on-site data destruction.  We come to your location so you can witness and verify that digital media has been destroyed.  The information stored on digital never leaves your custody.  This provides a secure and unbroken Chain-of-Custody.

We physically destroy digital media.  This type of data destruction is considered the most secure form of data destruction.  Physical destruction leaves nothing to chance.


NAID Certified

When your IT policies and procedures get audited – think SOC – the auditor will ask for two items for data destruction: Certificate of Destrution and due-diligence on your provider.  NAID is the gold standard of third-party affirmation.


Data Privacy Compliance

Compliance with data privacy laws requires secure data destruction and solid chain-of-custody.  Allow digital media to be removed from your premises and control is a break in that chain.


Data Destruction

What are your priorities when disposing of retired IT equipment?  The safe answer is “our number one goal is to secure our cutomer’s information”.  Recouping value from erased hard drives should be way down the list.

Information Security and Data Privacy Compliance