Product Destruction

E-Waste Security provides NSA compliant DVD Shredding 2mmproduct destruction services for counterfeit, obsolete, recalled and expired items.  Depending on the size and quantity of your items we can, most of the time, shred the items at your warehouse.  This on-site shredding allows you to witness and verify the destruction of your goods.

Types of products we destroy are small electronic devices, mobile payment devices,  HID proximity access cards, credit cards, gift cards, CDs, DVD’s, RFID,  mPOS for iPhones and video game consoles.

credit card POS
iPhones for Destruction
Access Card Destruction
Pallets for Destruction

Certificate of Destruction

In most cases, you will need to shredded hard drivesdocument that your expired, recalled or counterfeit products have been properly destroyed.  We provide a Certificate of Destruction that meets your individual and industry requirements.

Our product destruction customers come from all industries including: entertainment, manufacturing, import/export, apparel, retail and law enforcement.

Certificate of Destruction - MPAA Content Security Best Practices