Onsite Hard Drive Destruction in Las Vegas

E-Waste Security provides onsite hard drive destruction and shredding in Las Vegas.  We can come to your corporate data center or colo, such as the Switch Data Center, so you can witness and verify the process.  Most importantly, our data destruction service is NIST 800-88 compliant

We also offer e-waste recycling and IT asset disposal services.  This all-in-one service reduces your work load and time at the data center.  NIST 800-88 Hard Drive Destruction.

Our on-site data destruction is NAID Certified which helps you comply with data privacy laws such as HIPAA, CCPA and PCI/DSS

Servers at Switch in Las Vegas

Hard Drive Destruction Process

First, our hard drive shredding trucks arrives at your data center so you can witness and verify the destruction process.  We can either come into the data center to assist you with removing drives from the cage, or collect the drives at the dock.

shredded hard drives

All drives are scanned for serial number report then shredded.  The entire process is completed without leaving your presence.  Our machine can shred over 500 server drives per hour.  A Certificate of Destruction with serial number report is issued for your records and audit reporting practice.

Reduce the risk of litigation by hiring a NAID Certified Data Destruction Firm that shreds all of your digital data before it leaves your custody.  Call us if your company must adhere to any of these regulations.

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