Onsite Hard Drive Destruction in Las Vegas

E-Waste Security provides onsite hard drive destruction in Las Vegas that is secure, compliant, and NAID AAA Certified.  This is especially important for Casinos, Hotels & Resorts, Financial Institutions and data centers – as the regulations for the disposal of consumer data get increasingly strict each year.

Our Las Vegas clients turn to us because of our reputation for upholding the highest levels of security and providing reliable, convenient service.  See NIST 800-88 hard drive destruction.


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Hard Drive Destruction Process

  • Hard drive shredding trucks arrives at your data center
  • Drives are collected and secured
  • Serial numbers are scanned and recorded for each drive
  • Hard drives are shredded while you watch for verification
  • A Certificate of Destruction with serial number report is issued

See ourhard drive shredding videoon YouTube

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Maintaining Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations

Our mobile Hard Drive Destruction truck comes directly to your business, data center, or colocation facility, so you can witness your hard drive destruction – with over 500 hard drives being shredded per hour.  Your confidential information never leaves your office – virtually eliminating the potential of a data breach.  Once the project is complete, our certified team provides a Certificate of Destruction for documented proof of compliance.

Reduce the risk of litigation by hiring a NAID Certified Data Destruction Firm that shreds all of your digital data before it leaves your custody.  Call us if your company must adhere to any of these regulations:

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Flexential – Downtown Las Vegas Data Center

Flexential – North Las Vegas Data Center

Level 3 Communications Data Center






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