Shredded Computer Hard Drives

Onsite Hard Drive Destruction in Los Angeles

Hard Drive Destruction in Los Angeles is made secure and convenient with our certified on-site Hard Drive Shredding services. Being a NAID AAA Certified data destruction company, we have provided data destruction services to many respected businesses in Los Angeles such as AEG Live, Los Angeles Police Credit Union, MGM and NASA.

Our mobile Hard Drive Destruction truck will come to your facility where you can witness over 500 hard drives per hour being shredded.  You and your company’s confidential information never leaves your office – virtually eliminating the potential of a data breach. After the hard drive shredding process, we will give you a detailed Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Los Angeles Hard Drive Shredding Projects

GE Healthcare
AIG Live
City of Los Angeles
Hard drive destruction for JPL and NASA

IT Asset Disposal

Protecting confidential information during the IT Asset Disposal process is critical for compliance with data privacy laws. Digital information is most vulnerable during the computer recycling process when IT assets are awaiting disposal. E-Waste Security’s on-site destruction process, certifications and Certificate of Destruction virtually eliminates loss of data risks.

Data Destruction Process

1. Mobile hard drive shredding truck arrives at your location

2. Drives are collected and secured

3. Hard drive serial numbers are scanned and recorded

4. Hard drives are shredded in your presence for verification

5. A Certificate of Destruction with serial number report is issued

NAID Certified Hard Drive Destruction

Using a NAID Certified hard drive destruction company that provides a detailed Certificate of Destruction is critical for your IT Asset Disposition projects. All Los Angeles NAID Certified data destruction companies are evaluated by third-party auditors for proper policies, procedures, hard drive shredding equipment, employee background checks and insurance.

A detailed Certificate of Destruction is as important as choosing a NAID Certified vendor for your data destruction projects.  If you are ever audited, detailed documentation will be necessary for proof of data destruction.  See sample of our hard drive destruction Certificate of Destruction.

If your company is a healthcare organization regulated by HIPAA, a banking institution regulated by GLBA or you just need to protect your intellectual property, our secure onsite hard drive destruction service in Los Angeles can help. We’ll come to your office to provide a convenient way to witness the destruction of your digital media and information. Reduce the risk of litigation by shredding digital data before it leaves your custody. Our mobile hard drive destruction unit services Los Angeles County including: Santa Monica, Century City, Burbank, El Segundo, Torrance, Glendale, Long Beach and Commerce.