Hard Drive Destruction Services – Irvine, CA

Hard Drive Shredding in Irvine, CA is made secure and convenient with our certified on-site Hard Drive Destruction services. Being a NAID AAA Certified data destruction company, we have provided shredding services to many respected businesses in Irvine such as Banc of California, Masimo and the City of Irvine.

Our team will bring our mobile hard drive shredding truck to your office to securely shred hard drives and other digital while you watch. This onsite data destruction approach allows you to witness and verify that hard drives have been properly destroyed in compliance with data privacy laws.

Shredded Hard Drives


Protecting confidential information and complying with data privacy laws it critical in today’s business environment. Digital data is most vulnerable during the computer recycling process when IT assets are stored until disposed of. E-Waste Security’s on-site destruction process, certifications and Certificate of Destruction virtually eliminates the risk to data during IT asset disposal process.

E-Waste Security’s on-site data destruction process, certifications and documentation virtually eliminates the risk of data breach during IT asset disposal process.  In addition, we provide our hard drive shredding clients with a compliant Certificate of Destruction for documented proof.

Secure Hard Drive Shredding Process

  • Mobile hard drive shredding truck arrives at your location
  • Drives are collected and secured
  • Hard drive serial numbers are scanned and recorded for reporting
  • Hard drives are shredded for you to witness and verify
  • A Certificate of Destruction with serial number report is issued
Masimo building in Irvine, CA

We felt uncomfortable giving our computers to an electronic recycler because of the data on our hard drives. We like that E-Waste Security destroyed our hard drives before they left our office! We will use them every time! Even better is they are NAID Certified! Malia Homes in Irvine, CA.

Jen Covington

NAID Certified Hard Drive Destruction – Irvine, CA

Our onsite hard drive shredding process is fully verifiable, and completed by trained technicians who have undergone rigorous background checks. The E-Waste Security data destruction process ensures that all sensitive information is fully destroyed before our technicians leave your office or warehouse. E-Waste Security is NAID AAA Certified for onsite hard drive and digital media destruction.  All E-Waste Security data destruction procedures completely adhere to stringent industry standards, as well as key data destruction legislation, including NIST 800-88 (if requested) and the FACTA Disposal Rule overseen by the Federal Trade Commission.

NAID AAA Certified hard disk drive destruction