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Focused on Secure Data Destruction and Data Privacy


NAID Certified

When your IT policies and procedures get audited – think SOC – the aditor will ask for two items for data destruction: Certificate of Destrution and due-diligence on your provider.  NAID is the gold standard of third-party affirmation.

On-Site Service

The key component of secure data destruction is an uncompromised chain-of-custody.  Allow digital media to be removed from your premises and control is a break in that chain.


Physical Destruction

What are your priorities when disposing of retired IT equipment?  The safe answer is “our number one goal is to secure our cutomer’s information”.  Recouping value from erased hard drives should be way down the list.

E-Waste Security is a hard drive destruction and IT asset disposition company based in Los Angeles, CA.  Our onsite data destruction and hard drive shredding service is NAID Certified and compliant with PCI DSS, HIPAA and GLBA. We provide full service IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services including the purchase, removal and recycling of computer equipment to provide our clients with a convenient solution to their decommissioning projects. We service Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Clara County, California.

E-Waste Security was created with the goal of protecting consumer, client and company information during the IT disposal process.  To accomplish this goal, we decided to follow NIST 800-88 guidelines for the destruction of “High-Security” information, close the Chain-of-Custody gap and obtain certification from an international organization.

Information Security and Data Privacy Compliance

hard Drive destruction projects for the City of Los Angeles
Hard drive destruction projects NASA in Pasadena
Hard drive destruction project for the Office of the Inspector General Health and Human Services