Hard Drive Destruction Service

shredded hard drive material

E-Waste Security’s hard drive destruction service is the most comprehensive data destruction service in the industry.  Our secure and regulatory compliant hard drive destruction process is NAID Certified and compliant with  NSA/CSS, HIPAA, NIST 800-88 and PCI. 

We physically shred hard drives while you watch.  The chain-of-custody never gets broken so you don’t need to guess if the data is recoverable.  Our clients understand that once a hard drive leaves the their facility there is potential for unauthorized access to consumer information. 

GE Healthcare
City of Los Angeles
City of Irvine
Hard Drive Destruction Process

E-Waste Security follows strict policies and procedures set forth by regulatory agencies.  These procedures include: 1) coming on-site so the client can witness the destruction , 2) recording the serial number of each hard drive 3) shredding drives to the appropriate size and 4) issuing a Certificate of Destruction.