Hard Disk Drive Destruction

Compliant and secure hard disk drive destruction has become the number one concern when disposing of IT equipment.  What is the best way to dispose of hard disk drives?  According to NIST 800-88, hard disk drive destruction and shredding is the most secure form of digital media data destruction.

E-Waste Security has helped many clients properly destroy digital information to help them comply with data privacy laws.  One of our more data sensitive clients – the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA – required complete hard disk drive destruction for their data security.

Shredded Hard Drives


Our hard disk drive destruction process includes; our mobile shredding truck arriving at your office or data center, scanning serial numbers of each hard drive, shredding drives while you watch and issuing a Certificate of Destruction.  We have mobile shredding trucks for onsite data destruction in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Orange County, CA.

Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

E-Waste Security is a NAID Certified company providing onsite hard drive shredding to help organizations comply with data destruction regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA and PCI.

Our mobile shredding truck comes to your office or data center to shred drives while you watch.  This witnessed and verified data destruction process eliminates the risk of unauthorized access of confidential information.

Our mobile shredding trucks have the capability of shredding 500 PC drives an hour.  We also shred server drives with the trays attached.  You do not need to waste your time removing drives from trays – our machines will shred the drive and tray at the same time.

NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization

NIST has written a Special Publication to help organizations develop a secure and compliant form of data destruction for their IT asset disposition projects.  NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization helps organizations define the security level of their information as well as the most secure form of of digital media destruction.

NIST 800-88 states that erasing or wiping hard drives is appropriate for moderate security information while hard disk drive shredding is required for high security information.

The key is deciding how secure you need to be with your organization’s information?

NAID AAA Certified hard disk drive destruction