The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a unique national research facility that carries out robotic space and Earth science missions. JPL helped open the Space Age by developing America’s first Earth-orbiting science satellite, creating the first successful interplanetary spacecraft, and sending robotic missions to study all the planets in the solar system as well as asteroids, comets and Earth’s moon. In addition to its missions, JPL developed and manages NASA’s Deep Space Network, a worldwide system of antennas that communicates with interplanetary spacecraft.

Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) is a technology leader that innovates the way the world communicates, connects and works. We understand what’s at the heart of sharing information – and all of the forms it can take. We embrace the integration of paper and digital, the increasing requirement for mobility, and the need for seamless integration between work and personal worlds. Every day, our innovative print technologies and intelligent work solutions help people communicate and work better.

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Los Angeles International Airport LAX, is the primary international airport serving the City of Los Angeles.  It is the largest and busiest airport in the state of  California, second busiest airport in the United States, and one of the largest international airports in the U.S. and the world.

The world’s second-largest concert promoter is now AEG Presents. The entertainment giant behind events like Coachella and Stagecoach in Southern California, Panorama Festival in New York City and 8,000 concerts a year around the world has quietly changed its name as part of a company-wide rebranding strategy to create a new identity for AEG’s concerts and festival division. The new name also comes with a new logo that will be rolled out across AEG Lives 16 regional offices.

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Irvine was chosen in 2008 by CNN as the fourth-best place to live in the United States.  In 2012, it was ranked sixth nationally.  In September 2011,  Businessweek listed Irvine as the fifth-best city in the United States. Irvine consistently ranks as the safest city in America with a population over 100,000.  In 2014, Irvine was named the best-run city in the U.S. by 24/7 Wall Street.In March 2017, WalletHub listed Irvine as the third happiest place to live in the United States. In June 2017, Irvine was named tenth best City in America by