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Backup Tape Shredding


Decommissioning and shredding backup tapes may sound mundane, but data destruction is one of the most important functions of a data center operator.  E-Waste Security applies the same certified on-site shredding protocols as we do for our hard drive destruction services.  Our media destruction service includes other formats such as: magnetic tape, floppy disk, Zip disk and optical media.

The photo of the left is a StorageTek  SL8500 Streamline Modular Library System we decommissioned for a client in Burbank, CA.  The project consisted of over 18,000 backup tapes and 1,000 hard drives.

Please call us if you are decommissioning a data center.  We can help with all your data destruction needs from server hard drives and SSDs to your backup tape and digital library system.


NIST 800-88

E-Waste Security helps clients comply with NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization.  Our backup tape shredding services consists of us bringing shredding equipment to your data center.  These protocols allow you to witness and verify the shredding process and securing the Chain-of-Custody.